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About Azoonis

Revolutionizing your sourcing journey with precision, passion, and unparalleled expertise.

Recognised as Top 10 Sourcing Company
in India by Industry Outlook

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Who We Are

About Azoonis

Azoonis is a leading sourcing company that specializes in assisting importers with their sourcing requirements for home and lifestyle products from India. With extensive experience in the industry, we have cultivated strong and lasting relationships with manufacturers throughout the country. Our comprehensive services now encompass the entire process, from supplier scouting to delivery, providing unparalleled support to home and lifestyle brands worldwide. We proudly serve clients from diverse countries such as the USA, Canada, Germany, Poland, UK, France, Spain, Netherlands, UAE, Australia etc. As trusted buyers' representatives in India, we ensure that each client's expectations are met by maintaining the highest product quality, best prices and punctual delivery.

Our Purpose,Your Progress



Empowering businesses worldwide by simplifying and streamlining their global sourcing.



Offering global sourcing opportunities from emerging and developed markets at reduced cost.

Our Values

Upholding core values that inspire growth, foster trust, and catalyze success in global product sourcing.





Ethics Foremost

What we do

Sourcing with Ease

At Azoonis we are flexible to work on customized projects as per the client's requirement. We are skilled professionals who have extensive product knowledge and are constantly up to date on the diverse market trends. Our team is focused to work towards reducing overheads and operational risk for your business. While working with us you will experience 80% of your time saving, higher-quality products, trustworthy supplier, competitive rates, timely delivery and peace of mind throughout sourcing process.

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Founder's Desk

Meet Ms. Suman, the visionary founder of Azoonis. Hailing from a small town in Maharashtra, India, Suman's journey took her far and wide. She started her career as a dynamic "Management Consultant" with a mission to bring dreams to life for various organizations. Along her path of shaping businesses, she discovered the pivotal role that procurement plays in delivering value and forming the core of any successful business model. Suman recognized the need for organizations to have control over their procurement processes and integrate global and local intelligence consistently to sustain their competitive advantage.

Driven by this realization, Suman founded Azoonis, a beacon of hope for companies aspiring to thrive on a global scale. With a profound understanding of buyers' needs, Suman saw India emerging as the preferred sourcing destination for global buyers. However, she also recognized the challenges and risks that accompany global sourcing. To address these hurdles, Suman dedicated herself to providing specialized procurement services through Azoonis.

From strategic sourcing to nurturing supplier relationships, Suman and her team at Azoonis are unwavering in their commitment to reducing overheads and operational risks for your business. With their expertise and comprehensive support, they strive to turn your company into a global success story.

Suman Chhethnani, Founder & CEO

How Azoonis Differs from Other Sourcing Companies

Azoonis distinguishes itself through its team of highly skilled professionals who possess comprehensive expertise across various product domains. We offer a complete range of sourcing services that go beyond basic solutions available in the market.
With a unique focus on sourcing at scale, Azoonis excels in handling large and complex projects that often surpass the capabilities of individual sourcing agents. This specialization enables us to cater specifically to businesses with high-volume or intricate sourcing requirements, providing them with unparalleled support and expertise.

Our fee structure is transparent and credible, solely charging international clients, in contrast to some agents who might charge both buyers and manufacturers.

We use advanced technology to streamline sourcing processes, offering faster turnaround times and lower costs compared to traditional manual methods prevalent in the industry.

Azoonis firmly embraces data-driven decision making as a fundamental principle. We harness top-tier data tools to gain valuable insights and maintain a competitive edge. This approach sets us apart from the market's conventional reliance on reference-based decisions.

We prioritize communication, responding to client queries within 24 hours, a level of proactiveness not commonly found among traditional sourcing agents.

Our meticulous comparison and negotiation process ensures clients receive the best prices and terms, going beyond the often limited supplier options provided by other agents.

Our multi-level quality assurance process ensures high-quality product sourcing, an effort not all agents have the resources or expertise to match.

We handle all document verification and regulatory compliance, providing peace of mind not always guaranteed by other sourcing agents.

Our commitment extends to post-shipment assistance, a comprehensive level of service not always provided in the market.

We provide clients with regular detailed reports, maintaining transparency throughout the sourcing journey, unlike the occasional lack of reporting found among other agents.

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