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Guide to import furniture from India: A sneak peek into popular furniture products:

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Import furniture from India

India, the country where tradition meets innovation, where every piece tells a story, and where the allure of Indian craftsmanship transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary sanctuaries.

This rich tradition of India has seen continuous innovation in handmade furniture, contributing significantly to the growth of the Indian furniture market. Over the past two decades, furniture exports from India have experienced a remarkable surge. Major countries such as the U.S.A, Germany, U.K, France, and the U.A.E have become prominent importers of Indian furniture.

What will you take away from this article:

Handmade wooden furniture of India offers aesthetic look, strong and durable quality at competitive prices. World-wide increment in demand of Indian furniture indicates importers to import furniture from India. Meanwhile Importers from the country like U.S.A, Australia, Europe, U.A.E can source rich quality handmade furniture from India to meet the demands of their markets.


Does India export furniture?

Data of Furniture export from India

India exports furniture. Notably, there is 3X increase in India’s furniture exports in April-January 2022-23 compared to the same period in 2013-14.The India furniture market is anticipated to achieve a CAGR of 10.9% during 2023-28 to reach $32.7 Bn by 2026. India’s Furniture market is valued at $23.12 Bn in 2022, making it as the 5th largest producer and 4th largest consumer of furniture globally.

CountryIn USD Million
United Kingdom39.79
Office furniture products

What type of furniture do India export?

India exports all sorts of indoor and outdoor furniture for home, office and industrial use. They include beds, sofa, tables, chairs, coffee tables, dining table, dressing tables, kitchen cabinets, racks and shelving, TV units, bathroom storage, etc. It’s made from a variety of materials — wood, rattan, bamboo, steel, laminates, plastic and other materials.

Which furniture products are popular and mostly imported from India?

The most common furniture that you can import from India is wooden furniture. India specializes in making solid wood furniture.

No need to emphasise that this represents a trend. Consumers who are more conscious of the environment are replacing plastic and synthetic materials with furniture made of natural materials like wood, glass, stone, and metal. Natural materials are abundant in homes and offices, for example. untreated wood, ceramics, wicker furniture, and stone textures. Importers have to be aware of these patterns and collaborate with vendors who provide handcrafted furniture. To identify the reliable manufacturers for your need you can take the help of sourcing companies based in India who specialise in sourcing of Furniture products from India.

Types Of Wood​

wood carving for making furniture
Type Of WoodBenefitColour tone
Teak WoodAesthetic Appeal, Durable And Resistant To Rot And Decay.Dark Yellow To Dark Brown
Satin WoodEasy To Care For, Requires Very Little Maintenance And Is Very Durable.Warm And Bright Yellow
White Cedar WoodThe Most Durable Type Of Wood, Resistant To Termites And Very Strong.Light Brown Or Tan
Sal WoodBeautiful Texture, Aesthetic Appeal And Versatile.Very Light In Color But May Darken When Exposed To Sun
Indian RosewoodAttractive Wood Grain, Versatile Nature And Very Hard And Tough.Darkness

Furniture making clusters in India

Furniture making clusters in India
JaipurRajasthanCombination of traditional Rajasthani architecture and modern design.From intricately-carved bed frames and ornate loungers, to more subtle pieces like bookcases and cabinets
JodhpurRajasthanClassic and vibrant in its traditional designs, perfect for adding a touch of glamour to your homeFrom intricately designed cupboards to luxurious carved chairs
ShekhawatiRajasthanStunning local architecture, especially its traditional havelis and fortsFrom beds to cabinets, to chairs and tables
SaharanpurSaharanpurRoyal, traditional and classic furnitureSide tables, chests of drawers, beds, and cabinets
ChettinadTamil NaduTraditional art and craft techniques that bring out the best from the solid wood furniture pieces.Wooden chair, dining table, center table, dressing table etc.

Why import furniture from India?

Importing furniture from India is a strategic decision that opens the door to a world of unparalleled craftsmanship, cultural richness, and economic benefits. Here are compelling reasons why choosing Indian furniture is a smart move:

1. Artistic Mastery:

India has a centuries-old tradition of exquisite craftsmanship passed down through generations. From intricately carved wooden pieces to handwoven textiles, each item is a masterpiece, reflecting the skilled hands and artistic sensibilities of Indian craftsmen.

2. Diverse Designs: 

India is a melting pot of cultures and influences, resulting in a diverse range of furniture designs. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless elegance of traditional pieces or the sleek lines of contemporary furniture, India offers a broad spectrum of styles to suit every taste and aesthetic preference.

3. Quality Materials:

Indian furniture is often crafted from high-quality materials, with a particular emphasis on natural resources. Teak, rosewood, and sheesham wood are commonly used, ensuring durability and longevity. The meticulous attention to detail ensures that each piece is not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to last.

4. Cost-Effective Solutions:

One of the key advantages of importing furniture from India is the cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality. The competitive pricing is attributed to the country’s skilled workforce, lower manufacturing costs, and efficient production processes

5. Customization Options:

Indian manufacturers are often open to customization, allowing you to tailor furniture to your specific requirements. Whether it’s adjusting dimensions, choosing different finishes, or incorporating personalized details, the flexibility in customization ensures that you get furniture that perfectly fits your needs.

6. Sustainable Practices:

With a growing global emphasis on sustainability, Indian furniture manufacturers are increasingly adopting eco-friendly practices. Many artisans prioritize the use of sustainable materials and ethical production methods, making Indian furniture an environmentally conscious choice.

7. Rising Global Reputation:

The international demand for Indian furniture is steadily increasing, showcasing the global recognition of its quality and craftsmanship. Importing furniture from India allows you to tap into this reputation and bring home pieces that stand out in terms of both style and substance.

8. Access to a Growing Market:

India’s furniture industry is expanding rapidly, presenting opportunities for international buyers. By importing furniture from India, you position yourself to benefit from the country’s dynamic market, staying ahead of trends and accessing a wide array of products.

In summary, importing furniture from India is a gateway to a world of aesthetic richness, quality craftsmanship, and economic advantages. It’s a choice that not only enhances your living spaces but also aligns with the global appreciation for the unique and timeless allure of Indian furniture.

Things to remember before importing the furniture from India:

    → Ensure that your supplier specializes in wood and possesses the necessary experience and expertise in handling wooden products. Collaborating with manufacturers whose primary focus is not wood may lead to quality issues.

    → Exercise caution when sourcing wooden products from Saharanpur, as many factories in the region are small facilities where quality could be compromised. It is crucial to closely monitor the factory, thoroughly inspect samples, and arrange for pre-shipment inspections.

    → Give special attention to the construction of wooden products. Frequently, issues arise with durability or product integrity due to weak joints or improper joining. For instance, shelves made of different panels joined together should be securely fastened with V nails and glued.

    → Take into account the impact of the monsoon season, which lasts from June to September, on wooden products. Increased moisture during this period may affect the quality and durability.

    → Anticipate potential delays in production during the rainy season, as suppliers may need to let products dry in the sunlight after polishing or painting.

    → Prioritize the inclusion of silica gel inside the inner and master cartons for all wooden products during shipping to prevent moisture-related issues.

Is there a risk of furniture damage during transportation?

  • The transportation of furniture from India poses a potential risk of damage, but this risk can be mitigated by employing proper packaging and handling procedures. Esteemed furniture suppliers in India often give priority to robust packaging materials, including 3/5/7-ply boxes, and implement protective measures to ensure the furniture’s safety during transit. Moreover, insurance coverage is readily available for shipments, offering an additional layer of protection. While recognizing the potential for damage is crucial, opting for trustworthy suppliers and implementing adequate packaging and insurance measures can effectively minimize the risk, ensuring a safer transportation process.

Risk in Shipment of Furniture export

Where can I discover reliable suppliers for Indian home furniture?

  • Choosing a trustworthy manufacturer capable of delivering top-quality products with specified details is essential. To assist in this process, consider engaging the services of Azoonis, a sourcing/buying agency based in India connected to authentic furniture manufacturers. By incorporating innovation, understanding market dynamics, and importing with the support of a trusted sourcing/buying agent from India, businesses can not only navigate challenges but also thrive in the dynamic and rewarding world of international furniture trade.

    Azoonis specializes in sourcing/buying furniture from India, providing importers with the following advantages

    1. Extensive product range
    2. Verified suppliers
    3. Cost-effectiveness
    4. Quality assurance
    5. Timely delivery
Trusted Sourcing/buying agency in India


  • In essence, importing furniture from India is not just a transaction but an opportunity to connect with the rich heritage of Indian craftsmanship and thrive in the dynamic world of international furniture trade. Whether you’re an importer, wholesaler, or retail chain store owner, India’s diverse furniture categories offer a promising opportunity to broaden your product range and meet market demands. Azoonis maintains a list of trusted furniture manufacturers in India, saving you time, energy, and money while facilitating the expansion of your product categories.


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